Special Courses

Essay on Current Affairs Issue

RS 6000/-

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Optional Subject+ Answer Writing Mains

RS 50,000/-

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Test Series(Prelims)+ Mains Writing

RS 20000/-

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Complete Ethics Module Class+Test

RS 7000/-

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Current Affairs Test (Prelims)

RS 5000/-

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Crash Course Prelims

RS 70800/-

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Test Series Prelims

RS 6000/-

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Online CSAT Foundation

RS 18000/-

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Mains Test

RS 15000/-

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Current Affairs

RS 3000/-

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One Year Course

(Especially for Graduated Candidates)

1,40,000 +GST
  • Complete preparation of the Civil Services Examination
  • Prelims-GS+CSAT
  • Mains- GS+Optional Subject
  • Interview-Mock Interviews
  • *Weekly Current Affairs Classes

Two Year Course

(Especially for College or School Pursuing Candidates)

2,00,000 +GST
  • Complete preparation of the Civil Services Examination
  • Prelims-GS+CSAT
  • Mains- GS+Optional Subject
  • Interview-Mock Interviews
  • *Weekly Current Affairs Classes

Three Year Course

(For long term preparation for the exam)

3,00,000 +GST
  • Complete preparation of the Civil Services Examination
  • Prelims-GS+CSAT
  • Mains- GS+Optional Subject
  • Interview-Mock Interviews
  • *Weekly Current Affairs Classes


(Prepare for the Without Optional Subjects)

1,10,000 + GST
  • Course Duration- 8/Months
  • For the deep preparation of the Prelims & Mains Round
  • Prelims-GS+CSAT
  • Mains- GS
  • *Weekly Current Affairs Classes


(Prepare for the Optional Subjects)

40,000 + GST
  • Political Science & International Relations (IR)
  • History
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Public Administration
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Anthropology
  • Geology

* Scholarships Are Available


Akshat Jain

When I had started preparing for the Civil Services Examination, I understood that it required the right strategy to successfully clear the exam. A blind uncalculated effort can’t give you proportionate results. I first studied the entire syllabus which I believe is very well defined rather than what most of the aspirants perceive.

Junaid Ahmad

I studied a few books suggested by seniors that helped me in creating the base. Online Studies helped me a lot. Everything is available on this platform. Productive use of the Internet helped me. I had expected to be among the successful candidates but hadn’t expected to get the 3rd Rank.

Kanishak Kataria

The optional subject that you choose must be something you have a good command over. My subject was Physics because that was my area of interest and something that I excelled in. I would say that continuous practice is a must when it comes to prelims preparation.

Shreyansh Kumat

The aspirants should first understand the examination process and scoring patterns. “First-time aspirants should look at the syllabus and question paper, understand what the exam wants, scoring patterns and then start preparing”.

PLUTUS IAS Online Classes FAQ's

Ans- UPSC CSE is one of the most decorated Government Job Exams in the country and cracking it is not a piece of cake for anyone. To prepare for the Civil Services Examination, everyone looks for the best coaching but this task is as difficult as the exam.  It’s not feasible for everyone to relocate in order to receive the best UPSC Coaching experience. The situation of COVID 19 has added extra trouble for the aspirants to continue with UPSC Preparation. Plutus IAS has come ahead to let the aspirants continue their preparation in the present situation. With the help of the UPSC Online Classes provided by Plutus IAS, now aspirants can study from anywhere and get access to the best study material for UPSC Preparation. 

Plutus IAS provides the best quality of Video Lectures for IAS preparation. Classes conducted by Plutus IAS are as interactive as the Real Classes. One can interact with faculties as well as with the batch-mates.

Ans- If we have a look at the results of such candidates who have cleared the Civil Services Examination in the very first attempt, they all had started their preparation during their school period. As the syllabus of the Exam mostly consists of the School Level Topics {NCERT Books( VI-XII)}, students can prepare well for their school exams and the Civil Services Exam as well.

All the candidates can prepare for the Civil Services Examination with Plutus IAS. With Plutus IAS, A 10th class student can also prepare for the Civil Services Exam, a 12th class student can also, and a Graduation pursuing candidate can also do preparation.

Ans- General Studies is one of the subjects that have a major contribution to the entire syllabus of the Civil Services Examination. In the Prelims Stage, there is an entire paper for General Studies for 200 marks. In the Mains Stage as well, it has an ample contribution. So, General Studies can’t be underestimated as it plays a crucial role in your final selection.

Plutus IAS offers the quality classes of GS by many eminent faculties which helps you to prepare for GS from the depth

Ans- In the Civil Services Examination, Newspapers are very important during preparation. It helps in all the stages of the Civil Services Examination be it the Prelims Stage, Mains Stage, or the Interview Round.  It helps to keep you updated on all the latest happenings which are very important as a Civil Servant and an aspirant.

Current Affairs are equally important in all the stages of the Civil Services Examination and newspapers are the best source of Current Affairs.

Plutus IAS provides the solution of Newspapers. The aspirants get 4 daily newspapers,  Daily Newspaper Analysis, Current Affairs Classes, and 15-20 pdf of current affairs daily.

Ans- Batch Size of the coaching plays an important role in the preparation of the exam. It should be maintained in a way that aspirants can do their preparation without any hassle. It should neither be too big nor too small.

The number of aspirants is limited in the batches of Plutus IAS. Only 40 aspirants are allowed in a batch of Plutus IAS so that no aspirant has to suffer due to big batch size and aspirants can get an enough competitive environment for the preparation

Ans- Yes, all the 40 aspirants get one to one mentorship during the classes and after and before the classes as well. The faculties directly interact with all the aspirants in the class so that no candidate feels separate from other candidates. The faculties directly call the names of all the aspirants in the which helps to keep the aspirants attentive during the lectures


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